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Uses of an Oscillating Tool

Uses of an Oscillating Tool

If you’re a handyman, then you know how useful an oscillating tool is. It’s a must-have because of its ability to finish a lot of tasks. In fact, it’s also known as a multitool. Because of this, it’s a worthy investment for those who are low on budget. It’s a useful tool that will allow you to perform various jobs. I know you’re concerned about money, but trust me; you won’t be disappointed with this tool.

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Prep floor

installing new flooring

If you want to install a new floor, an oscillating tool would be useful. The flush-cutting blade you attach to the tool can easily slice through doorjambs, saving your precious time. Use a scrap of flooring as your guide and let this tool make clean and straight cuts to help you install the new flooring without a hassle.

Get rid of old paint


Need to remove loose or bumping paint? Just attach a steel scraper blade to an oscillating tool. After getting rid of the paint, use a sanding pad to smoothen the metal or wood below the part you’ve removed. Remember that it’s best if you use rough-grit abrasive sandpaper first before gradually switching to finer grits.

Make flush cuts

An oscillating tool is also the best partner when you need to create flush cuts in wood, metal, and drywall. And we all have to thank its half-moon blade for that. Cutting would be uncomplicated you’d wonder why you didn’t get one earlier. The half-moon blade even has an increased surface area which enables you to hold the oscillating tool straight to a line while you cut through.

Cut tubes


Speaking of cutting, the multitool can also cut through plastic, copper, and old galvanized metal tubes if you use the correct blade. You see, this device is indeed a versatile handyman tool! Because of its various blades, you can cut through tubes quickly even if they’re in narrow spaces such as under the floor, behind walls, inside the cabinets, and in ceilings. Because an oscillating tool is compact, you can easily accomplish any cutting job! You can even adjust the angle!

Sand wood

Oscillating tools can even out wood and wood fillers too. Again, it all depends on the sanding attachment you’ll use. Clearing up overcoat finishes can also be achieved with a multitool. Hook-and-loop abrasives are even available, which means you can switch from one type of sandpaper to another.

You might find a large triangular-shaped pad as one of the most reliable smoothing accessories. It can sand broad surfaces. But of course, pointed sanding accessories are also available to help you flatten out tight corners and cracks.

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